Hi! Welcome to Purple Lyrics, a website to celebrate my artistic side. Who am I? Susana Rinderle, a poet, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Click here or above on “About Me” to learn more about who I am, what I’m up to and how I got here.

So why “Purple Lyrics”? Several reasons.

Purple is my favorite color. It’s a color of splendor, dignity, rank, wealth and royalty, and at this point in my life I feel more like a queen than ever!  Purple is mystical.  It’s the color of the crown chakra, a site of pure consciousness, the “highest” level of our energetic vibration, and a place where feminine and masculine energies meet. Purple blends other dualities as well — the two color spectrum extremes of blue and red.

Such a regal, highly conscious, blended, unified space isn’t one I’m always in, but one I aspire to be more connected to, especially through art which enables me to commune with the Divine and the pool of consciousness and human experience that I believe connects us all. The dictionary also defines purple as “brilliant or gorgeous”, things I hope my art communicates.

Purple — as in “purple prose” — also refers to exaggerated literary devices and effects, or excessively ornate rhetoric. I don’t think my writing is always this dramatic, but I remember even as a child being told my writing was super flowery and had a lot going on!

Finally, I saw one of my acquaintances wearing a t-shirt one day that said “Purple People” and went on to describe them as:

  • imaginative, sensitive, artistic and sophisticated, with noble ideals and a keen appreciation of the cultural
  • alert, demanding, foresighted, confident, resourceful, spontaneous, and highly independent
  • taking delight in the beautiful, the gracious, the sensitive, but maintaining an attitude of critical appraisal
  • seeking to attain a magical quality in love and not settling for anything less
  • refusing to be “swept off one’s feet” unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely ascertained
  • active in the support of things one believes in, and concerned with the pursuit of truth and other human values
  • taking chances, and believing one must do so to make the most of what life has to offer

I think all this describes me pretty well.  Not bad, huh!

 And why “lyrics”? Because this word described both poetry and music, two places where I have cohabitated with the Divine and given voice to my heart since I was a child. I also think all art is lyrical in some way. The dictionary describes lyrical style as rapturous, effusive, or undisciplined. All of those can describe me and my work at different times.

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