Let It Flow

I’ve been dreaming of water
massive, muscular tides
roiling in their sinewy grace
straining against their confines
and thrust in earnest crests
against the patient, dried-out land
filling empty basements
flooding busy streets
dragging cars with them
helpless along the sand
I try to drive through
but I can’t, the
water gets between my tires
and the asphalt, this
ocean overwhelms me
but I’m no longer afraid
just weary of trying to hold it back
there’s a crack
in the dam/n wall
I try to keep up
between you and me
a façade built
to keep these waters at bay
strong, like Great Moses’ Staff
dividing the Red Sea
but his arms tire
as does my resolve
so let them fail
and the water rush down
washing away the tyrant’s soldiers
the judging voices that say
this is wrong and
we are bad
naughty children
immature selfish souls.
Water as mighty as this
is not meant to be damm/ned
Let it flow
Let it go

I’m not free in my resistance
I’m no Israelite in Exodus
but I do know
God loves us
this is not judgment
this is not a test
of character
any more than the waves
on the shore
it’s just a force
an invitation to hop a/board
and ride
this is not a test
or mockery of our will, but
an invitation to manifest
the Divine
for God has many faces.

Moses, drop your Staff
let me go
and let me grasp it with both hands
bring my luscious lips to its tip
lubricate with my tasting
and let you ram
the barrier down
release the waters once again
so this desert valley can quench her thirst
as the rivers rage wild
between my thighs
teeming with life
and one promise
to RSVP yes
to accept the invitation
to let it flow
let it go
swim the waxing swells
and let

© S. Rinderle, 1/7/13

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