Weeks and weeks
no sign of you
weeks passing like cars
on a silent night train
days vanishing into the dark
like their passengers
a mere blur of vague

It’s been weeks
and not a word.
Is this how you say goodbye?

I think I see
your faint silhouette
across the rushing tracks
blinking between the cars
like a strobe as they pass
but my doubt waxes large
as this train grows long
you’re looking down
hooded face
as if just waiting
for it all to pass by

Weeks and weeks
only silence
punctuates your absence.
Is the best you can do
at goodbye?

I wonder if I close my eyes
can I make it disappear
bring up the caboose and
sent it swiftly along as well
leaving us standing
on either side of this
dual divide
with nothing but twilight
and cricket song
a pause like between the in-breath
and the out
exhaling as you slowly raise
your wide, velvet doe eyes to me
come to life
as your smile ignites
and bound gently
across the tracks
towards me.

© S. Rinderle, 2013

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