What does she need right now?

red cloak or sweater dress whirling
barefoot laughter
a waterfall of splashing children
wide open meadow of sun and flowers
long hair run wild
hands skimming top of ripe grains

You float far away
compassionate cord
two connected dots
grows into a pot
an outflow of colorful gifts
creativity, vitality
source energy
stays small
sinks deeper
awash in calm
I’m solid and quiet
we are two equals
But what piece
best serves you?

Freedom warmth
hearty soup
glowing hearth
hugs and giggles
a toasty feather bed
safety in roots
smoldering embers
a safe fire
cinnamon and cardamom
dozing off to peaceful sleep
soul knitting and
heart stitching


it’s time for others to till the fields
until winter
falls again

© S. Rinderle, 2013
Dedicated to N.R.L.

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