A Memo

A Memo

To love a kitty
is to love routine
the precious monotony
of daily feeding and chores
an unavoidable anchor
to what matters.
It is submission
to the welcome tyrant
of inescapable need
a furry reminder in the doorway
that now is the time to stop
put down the pen
come back to the world
return to the body.

To love a kitty
is to love constance
the deep comfort of knowing
there is
a round, velvety presence
contentedly sighing
in some familiar nook.
It is to know that play
and warm vibrations of companionship
are reliably nearby.

To love a kitty
is to love generosity
for this tiny being
depends on you
for its very life
yet never gazes on your eyes
with mistrust and doubt.
Instead he teaches by example
intently watching the wind
and fluttering leaves
as if they are enough.

To lose a kitty
Ah, but to lose a kitty
is to lose
all these gifts
yet discover
many more hidden
in the crannies
of your heart.

© S. Rinderle, 2018
RIP 7/00 – 11/17