Green Burial

When my final day is done
I would be returned to the earth –
nothing between me and the soil
of my birth
but rotting skin.

Let my body decay like a ruin
laying in state
like the great houses of old –
monuments to pride and achievement
laid waste by the triumph of time
and the superior will
of rain and roots.

Let my interior walls be exposed
to the warmth of the sun.
Let ferns sprout from my eye sockets.
Let dragonflies and mockingjays
frolic inside my skull.
May young lovers sneak out under moonlight
to hump wildly among my bones.

Let streams gush
from my open, toothless mouth.
Let cougars and mule deer drink
from my pelvic bowl.
May fuchsia and daisies
burst forth from my ribcage.
May sycamore and oak
be nourished by my flesh.

And I will no longer be lonely.
I will finally be at peace
and contented
knowing that my feeble life made a difference
to those who truly matter
after all.

© S. Rinderle, 9/16/18

2 thoughts on “Green Burial

  1. Philosophical, there, friend, and wise to think about death while yet we live. I try to keep it in mind in a friendly way, following my old tradition. Not popular as a topic in our society, but it’s not like we have a choice, and I do believe death opens (as well as closing) doors.



    • Indeed, Friend — only in the USA is death seen as optional! I relish your approach of keeping it in mind in a “friendly” way, as my attitude has often been one of enmeshment or codependence, not unlike many of my other relationships. I’m no longer sure what I believe about the opening of doors for me as an independent consciousness, but I do hope my death will open doors for other people, and the atoms I was renting. Thanks for reading!

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