Your Proper Place

Do not pull
on the planties.
Allow tender shoots
to emerge from the earth’s shell
in time.
Trying to hasten growth
destroys the roots,
kills what might be.

Sprouting life
has its own pace
you cannot dictate.
This is as real
as it gets.
This is the stuff
of soul
not nonsense.
mechanical cogs
and turning wheels
ticker tape
mahogany panels
pointing arrows
and blue screens
in the dark.

Do not pull
on the planties.
You cannot hurry
what is out of your hands.
You may coax
or rage
it matters not.
You may stare
or plead
the soil is deaf
to your preferences
the budding kernel numb
to your rhythm
the delicate roots blind
to your furrowed brow
your urgency

Do not confuse yourself
with the sun.
Do not overestimate
your power.
Know your proper place
in the Mysterious weaving
of Life.

Water, space and time
Water, space and time
and protection from pestilence
is all anything ever needs
to thrive.

© S. Rinderle, 4/14/20

2 thoughts on “Your Proper Place

  1. Susana, WOW!  What beautiful, thoughtful poem …I LOVE your use of the word “planties” … :-)your poetry never ceases to amaze me … Thanks so much for sharing it! I really enjoyed your being with us Thursday evening,and I hope you will join us often again. I DID add you to my email distribution list,and so you’ll get notices of upcoming Fixed and Free readingsas well as occasional poems and announcements of other readings and events. BTW, if you have a chap book or other publications,please send ordering information …and if you don’t, I strongly encourage you to publish a book of your unforgettable poetry! Warmly, Billy Brown

    • Wow yourself Billy! 🙂 Thank you for including me on Thursday. I appreciate your kind comments as always! I don’t have a chapbook or any book at this point. Any recommendations on how to go about that?

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