The greatest courage

There exists no greater courage than this:
To love
with no guarantee of requitement
To trust
with no guarantee of safety
To strive
with no guarantee of success
To believe
with no guarantee of satisfaction.

There exists no greater valor than this:
To create
with no hope of immortality
To speak
with no hope of listeners
To stand
with no hope of change
To live
with no hope of survival.

We can scale murderous peaks
vanquish impossible Goliaths
in a hostile arena
run fast as a gazelle
with steel blades for feet
migrate whole civilizations
and rebuild entire cities from the scourge
of plague or maelstrom.

Yet there exists no greater courage than this:
to allow the heart
to be our ever-changing compass
faith our engine
and divine Wisdom
its fuel.

© S. Rinderle, 4/20/20

2 thoughts on “The greatest courage

  1. Ooo! Blades as feet and migrating civilizations! I see those epics you love poking through. And yet it is that daily offering of oneself that is harder in so many ways, for there are no guarantees, no fanfare, and often not even seeing more than a foot or two head. Yes – courage and faith. Faith in what?

    • Wow, thanks Nancy! Yep, epics poking through for sure! I agree the daily offering is so much harder than the momentary battle — the farmer tilling the field every day as opposed to the gladiator in the ring. And yes, that’s the question isn’t it? Faith in what…..?!

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