Great show on Sunday!

It was a wild time on Sunday! Great crowd, positive bar & patio vibe! I got to show a sexier, sassier side of Susana … and share the spotlight with the likes of local poet geniuses Don McIver, Damien Flores, Tanaya Winder, Rich Boucher, Bill Nevins, and the Host with the Most himself … Carlos Contreras!

Thanks everyone for coming out!  If you missed it, check out the videos (thank you Jesus Lucero!)  and take a look at this gorgeous photo (thanks Mark Fischer!).

Maybe I’ll see you at the next slam?  🙂 xoxo

Just WON my first slam!

Hi y’all!  I just won first place in the monthly Final Friday poetry slam here in Albuquerque, much to my surprise!!  (After a couple not-so-great performances in the last few weeks).  Thrilled to share the stage with some super talented local poets and the featured ABQ poetry slam team, leaving for Boston on August 12th!  Keep checking my website for upcoming performances, including a feature performance on August 18th!

Listen to my music on SoundCloud!

The people have spoken and I have heard you!  You can now listen to a limited sample of my original songs on SoundCloud! I’ve also added links on my music page.

As the songs that I’ve uploaded are from my 1990 demo “The Rehearsal”, there are two disclaimers:

1. I was 20 years old when I recorded these!  That was more than half of my life ago.  My voice (both literally and figuratively) has matured since then.  🙂  In case you’re curious, the album photograph was taken 3 months before the recording.

2. It was 1990!  My style has also evolved with the times.  Exhibit A: the album photograph!

Listening recommendation:  Start from the bottom and listen in order (#1 – 6) or, better yet, listen to the entire album in the order it was intended (first entry at the bottom “demo album”).

Please listen, comment, and stay tuned for more — I anticipate uploading some covers in the next few weeks!



Slam poetry debut!

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for subscribing!  I promise to keep posts short and only frequent enough to keep things interesting….

I had my slam poetry debut last Friday at “Final Friday” at Winnings Coffee House.  It was an incredible show hosted by slam champs Damien Flores and Jazz Cuffee, and with a feature by the super unique Esmé Vaandrager.  Many in attendance felt even the open mic was better than many slams — that is to say all the performances that night were awesome, and I was thrilled to be in the company of such talent and cool people.

Anywho I made the second round — not too bad for a first time slammer!  🙂  Truth be told I was unprepared to make the second round, and the poem I brought was too long.  Even without the time penalty I missed placing by .1 points.  WOW!

Want to see what you missed?  Check out the video on my “performances” page under “poetry” or just click here!

See you at the next show!

P.S. A few of you have asked to see/listen to my music.  It’s coming — right now I’m focused on poetry, but I think I’m going to be doing some shareable music sooner rather than later!

1-2, 1-2, is this thing on?

Welcome!  Thanks for checking out Purple Lyrics, we are now LIVE!  Please feel free to browse these pages — and please “like”, comment, and share! Come back often to check out upcoming events listed to the right of most pages, and if you aren’t following me, click on FOLLOW now to get up to date news on upcoming gigs, as well as the first look at some of my latest poetry! Boy that’s a lot of exclamation marks, I guess I’m excited to be back in action after so many years away from art 🙂 … Cheers and salud!