The Thaw

When you don’t know
what good feels like
love burns
like lukewarm water
applied gently
to frostbitten fingers
not the fault of the water
nor the frozen flesh but
still it recoils in shock
traumatic contrast
to the status quo
of dying cells
rigid stone
numbing off to rotted sleep

When you don’t know
what it’s like to feel good
suffering is normal
breathing toxic air
is just breathing
you’re to blame
for your shortness of breath
failing of lungs
weakness in your
fragile, flabby trunk
that you pad
for self-protection

But one day
a blessed recipe
essential oil
of patience, hope and grace
invites a fresh whiff
an awe-some imagination
of expanded ribs
agile, nourished limbs
you can believe
the once impossible
aided by the persistent kindness
of warm hands
and close-lidded kisses
scales fall from your eyes
tears unclog
and you inhale all the way
into life
a vigor and vibrance
that was awkward fantasy before

your fingers thaw
and you grasp life firmly
with both hands

© S.Rinderle, 2013

Count Yer Blessings

I am so blessed.
I have work and three credit cards in good standing
long, thick hair that grows well
real breasts
vital internal organs
and time.

I am so lucky.
I have a sense of humor
common sense
street smarts
two degrees
four tattoos
and a clean bloodstream.
I have a complete set of straight white teeth
excellent eyesight
long, thin fingers
and minimal body hair issues.

I am so fortunate.
I have free Internet
minimal debt
multiple web pages
three email addresses
two computers
one iPhone
zero children
and some blogs.
I can be connected with someone who loves me
from anywhere in the world
I have access to
and 2 ½ languages.

I am full of grace.
I can run jump walk swim climb dance
drive a little car
or a big truck
or hail a cab.
I can figure out a decent solution
to any problem
I can feel for my Self
as well as others
I can express my Self
in word song movement tears
I can eat almost anything
drink water from rural wells in developing countries
without getting ill
I can be around fur fin claw spiders and snakes
without being afraid.
I can give myself a French pedicure 
or do twenty pushups
without stopping.

I am so rich
I have a hilarious cat
generous, quiet neighbors
a cheerful dry cleaner that knows my name
the smartest realtor ever
minimal allergies
a garden of my own
a healthy supermarket  nearby
and a master hairdresser
who charges me her prices from
seven years ago.

I am so blessed!

So why
is it so rarely

© S. Rinderle, 2012