New! A capella group forming in Albuquerque!

a capellaHi!  Happy after-Thanksgiving!  Many people don’t know that before I was a poet, I was a musician, composer and singer-songwriter.  I feel increasingly moved to get back into music, and am making a second attempt (first was in spring of 2012) to start up a new a capella group. How fun is that?? So I need you — or your help!

Do you (or someone you know) love to sing?  Seen every episode of The Sing Off?  Love love LOVE Pentatonix?  Into R&B, current and classic jams, and good pop of all kinds?  Live in Albuquerque? This is your chance!  Contact me if interested!  All gender and gender identities are welcome, and all ages 18 or older.  Please see the attached flyer and spread the word!

Listen to my music on SoundCloud!

The people have spoken and I have heard you!  You can now listen to a limited sample of my original songs on SoundCloud! I’ve also added links on my music page.

As the songs that I’ve uploaded are from my 1990 demo “The Rehearsal”, there are two disclaimers:

1. I was 20 years old when I recorded these!  That was more than half of my life ago.  My voice (both literally and figuratively) has matured since then.  🙂  In case you’re curious, the album photograph was taken 3 months before the recording.

2. It was 1990!  My style has also evolved with the times.  Exhibit A: the album photograph!

Listening recommendation:  Start from the bottom and listen in order (#1 – 6) or, better yet, listen to the entire album in the order it was intended (first entry at the bottom “demo album”).

Please listen, comment, and stay tuned for more — I anticipate uploading some covers in the next few weeks!