“My Own Private Desert Oasis,” by guest writer Susana Rinderle – Who but You? living alone series

It’s been an honor and a personal growth journey to participate in this series by my friend and fellow writer Kimberlee Adonna. Enjoy!

Who but You?

My front garden on Mothers' Day 2014.  Photo credit:  the author My front garden on Mothers’ Day 2014.
Photo credit: the author

Why live alone?

I live alone because I love having my own private oasis where I can be myself 100% and have complete control over my environment.  I highly value beauty and a reasonable amount of order, so living alone means no one messes up or pollutes my space in any way (without my permission).  I also live alone because I haven’t yet found my Beloved with whom to share my oasis!

Managing stress and staying grounded

During times of stress, I typically reach out to my sister and close friends/members of “my tribe” for support, advice or venting.  I journal and put helpful thoughts and images on my visioning walls.  I do self care:  napping, watching a movie, taking a bath, exercising, digging in the dirt, laying in the grass, hugging a tree (really) etc.  The earth…

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