Audio! — Performance at Women of the World local poets showcase

Hi!  The Women of the World Poetry Slam 2015 is over.  There were hundreds of the best female and female-identified poets in the country in Albuquerque this week, and I feel honored to have been in workshops, audiences and on stage with some of them!  Not only that, Albuquerque’s own Mercedez Holtry tied for third place in the finals!

Saturday’s Local Poets Showcase was one of the event’s highlights for me.  Thanks to everyone who attended, and for those who didn’t make it, here is the audio of my performance!

2 thoughts on “Audio! — Performance at Women of the World local poets showcase

  1. Woo hoooooo! The first poem has always, always been an inspiring piece of heartwork and the second is new and superb (I empathize, you know, a tiny bit; heh heh). Thank you for bringing the showcase to my living room! ❤

  2. Thanks Kim! You are so welcome! I remember what an impact that first piece had on you, and ‘m not surprised you resonated with the second! Given it was Women of the World and we were all women poets (although the audience was largely male, go figure!) I wanted to share works I thought would be particularly relevant for women, yet not focusing entirely on romantic relationships. 🙂 Thanks for reading/listening!

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